Clark University - Event Management System

VirtualEMS is not accessable for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please note the current Campus Event Management plan as approved by the University Space Committee.

Clark University Campus Events Management for AY 2020/21, Under COVID

August 17, 2020


These programming/meeting guidelines are intended to provide guidance to the Clark community as we create opportunities for connection and work, both virtual and in-person, that maximize opportunities for engagement while adhering to COVID-19 safety precautions. Every contact that a person has presents a risk to the safety of our campus. Within that context, the goal is to prioritize in-person student-facing learning and support, while maintaining health and safety guidelines. At all times we will adjust our policies and procedures to be in compliance with State guidelines.


General Guidelines

·        Programming and meeting remotely is the default operation, with the exception of academic courses and student advising, which may be in person. Other exceptions to the default remote mode must be approved by the relevant Vice President who may choose to consult with the Chief Health Officer, CRC Group Leads or the ERC - when in doubt, consult.

o   Meetings that may be prioritized for in-person mode include advising and emergent student support needs.

o   Meetings that should occur remotely are departmental and staff meetings.

·        The following requirements apply to all in-person meetings:

o   Follow institutional guidelines.

o   Follow appropriate social distancing, cleaning and safety protocols, and wear face masks.

o   Conduct in-person meetings in either reservable space, departmentally assigned space,  outside, or in a personal office while following specific social distancing and safety guidance.

o   Limit indoor meetings to no more than 10 people and reconfigure spaces to enable people to be separated by at least 6 feet, or at least 45 square-feet per-person.

o   Face masks must be worn at all times; no food/drink will be allowed in meetings/programs.

o   Limit in-person programs and meetings to the Clark community only (no outside participants).

o   Meetings with individuals outside of the Clark community must be conducted remotely (e.g. invited lecturers, employee searches), unless approved by a Vice President.


Clubs and organizations

·        Any and all student club and organization events should be approve by the Director of Student Leadership and Programming

·        When possible, meetings of clubs and organizations should be virtual. In-person meetings must follow Clark guidelines for social distancing and face coverings.

·        Events will not be open to guests.

·        No activity may exceed 25 people, or the limit of the space as calculated to accommodate social distancing, whichever is smaller

·        No food shall be served at events unless it is individually packaged, essential to the purpose of the event, and approved by the Office of Student Leadership and Programming.

·        Rooms must be cleaned after an event, including all objects that have been touched, such as markers, tables, chairs, and other surfaces.

·        Signature events with more than 25 people will not be permitted at this time. Organizers are encouraged to consider digital events or breaking out into multiple smaller groups.


Athletics and recreation

·        Protocols will be put in place to allow access to the Bickman Fitness Center, the pool, and other fitness spaces. These protocols will meet all Massachusetts requirements for fitness centers, including for maximum occupancy and sanitation, and increased spacing of equipment.


Visitors to Clark

·        Only authorized visitors will be allowed on campus. These will include job candidate finalists and contractors, who are required to follow the guidelines and protocols outlined on this site.

·        Academic and administrative departments and student organizations will not be allowed to hold any lectures, events, or social activities that include any non-Clark visitors to campus.

·        Guest lecturers many only speak to classes or groups in a virtual format.

·        No outside groups will be allowed to rent and use any of the Clark facilities for the coming year.

·        No visitors from outside the Clark community will be allowed to enter any of Clark’s facilities.

·        Prospective students and their families will be allowed to visit with Admissions in a way that limits their contact with members of the Clark community.



·        Student-facing events by Clark offices (e.g., the Career Connections Center) and all student clubs and organizations events—including all graduate student events—will be approved and entered into EMS by the Director of Campus Life

·        Other exceptions to the policy require the following steps:

o   Person seeking an exception has to write a brief request outlining:

§  what is desired—date/time and room preferences—and

§  why it should be treated as an exception

o   Approval by the supervisor of the person requesting the exception

o   Approval by the relevant Vice-President

o   Final approval by David Chearo, VP Strategy and Planning

o   Events that are approved through this exceptions process—and we anticipate a very small number of them—will be entered into the EMS system by the Vice President for Strategy and Planning [David Chearo]